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Cheat Mode
Enter these during gameplay.Code Result
L2, RIGHT, L1, UP, X, L1, L2, R2, R1, L1, L1, L1 All Traffic is Junk Cars

L1, Circle, Triangle, L1, L1, Square, L2, Up, Down, Left All Pedestrians Are Elvis


R2, Circle, R1, L2, Left R1, L1, R2, L2 Aggressive Traffic

RIGHT, R2, UP, UP, R2, CIRCLE, SQUARE, R2, L1, RIGHT, DOWN, L1 Aggressive Drivers

R1, R2, L1 , X, Left , Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up $250,000, full health and armor (also repairs cars if you are in one)

Right, R1, Up, L2, L2, Left, R1, L1, R1, R1 All Traffic Lights Stay Green

Triangle, L1, Triangle, R2, Square, L1, L1 All Vehicles Invisible (Except Motorcycles)

x, x, square, r1, l1, x, down, left, x Andrenaline mode

Circle, L2, Up, R1, Left, X, R1, L1, Left, Circle Black Traffic

Square, R2, Down, Down, Left, Down, Left, Left, L2, X Cars Float Away When Hit

square, down, L2, up, L1, circle, up, x, left Cars Fly

Right, R2, Circle, R1, L2, Square, R1, R2 Cars on Water

L2, RIGHT, L1, TRIANGLE, RIGHT, RIGHT, R1, L1, RIGHT, L1, L1, L1 Chaos mode

Right, L2, Down, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, L2, L1 Commit Suicide

R2, L2, R1, L1, L2, R2, Square, Triangle, Circle, Triangle, L2, L1 Destroy Cars

Right, R1, Up, L2, L2, Left, R1, L1, R1, R1 Spawn Faster Cars

Circle, Circle, L1, Square, L1, Square, Square, Square, L1, Triangle, O, Triangle Faster Clock

Up, Up, Down, Down, Square, Circle, L1, R1, Triangle, Down. Everyone bikini babes, all cars beach cars, Cj in shorts and flipflops.

Triangle, Up, Right, Down, L2, L1, Square Faster Gameplay

R2, Circle, Up, L1, Right, R1, Right, Up, Square, Triangle Flying Boats

up, up, square, L2, right, x, R1, down, R2, circle Full Weapon Aiming Whilst Driving

R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, X Fog

Left, Right, Right, Right, Left, X, Down, Up, Square, Right Gang members spawn much faster

Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, X Down Gives you an automatic six star wanted level

DOWN, SQUARE, X, LEFT, R1, R2, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, L1, L1, L1 Hitman In all weapon

up, L1, R1, up, right, up, x, L2, x, L1 Increase car speed

L1, R1, SQUARE, R1, LEFT, R2, R1, LEFT, SQUARE, DOWN, L1, L1 Inf Ammo

Down, Left, L1, Down, Down, R2, Down, L2, Down Infinite Lung Capacity

Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, Up, Down, Left, Right Jetpack

Up, Up, Triangle, Triangle, Up, Up, Left, Right, Square, R2, R2 Jump 10 times higher

Triangle, Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, L2, R1, R2. Jump 100 feet in air on bike

R1, R1, Circle, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down Lower Wanted Level

Triangle, Up ,Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Down Max Fat

SQUARE, L2, X, R1, L2, L2, LEFT, R1, RIGHT, L1, L1, L1 Max All Vehicle stats (Driving, Flying Bike, Cycling)

L1, R1, TRIANGLE, DOWN, R2, X, L1, UP, L2, L2, L1, L1 Max Respect


R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Square Morning

SQUARE, L2, R1, TRIANGLE, UP, SQUARE, L2, UP, X Never become hungry

R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Triangle Night

R2, X, L1, L1, L2, L2, L2, Down Noon

Left, Left, L2, R1, Right, Square, Square, L1, L2, X Orange Sky

X, Down, Up, R2, Down, Triangle, L1, Triangle, Left No Peds, Hardly any traffic, Parked cars still spawn

L2, Up, R1, R1, Left, R1, R1, R2, Right, Down No citizens or cops, only gang members having gun fights

Down, Up, Up, Up, X, R2, R1, L2, L2 Pedestrian Attack (cannot be turned off)

Down, Left, Up, Left, X, R2, R1, L2, L1 Pedestrian Riot (cannot be turned off)

R2, R1, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Up, Down Pedestrians have weapons

Triangle, R1, R1, Left, R1, L1, R2, L1 Insane Handling

Circle, L1, Down, L2, Left, X, R1, L1, Right, Circle Pink Traffic

R1, R1, Circle, R2, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left Raise Wanted Level

DOWN, SQUARE, UP, R2, R2, UP, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP Recruit Anyone (9mm)

Up, Down, L1, L1, L2, L2, L1, L2, R1, R2 Sand Storm

Triangle, Up, Right, Down, Square, R2, R1 Slower Gameplay

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L2, Down, Down Spawns Vortex

Left, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up, Square, Circle, Triangle, R1, R2 Spawns Quadbike

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X, L1, L1, Down, Up Spawns Hydra

R1, UP, LEFT, RIGHT, R2, UP, RIGHT, SQUARE, RIGHT, L2, L1, L1 Spawn Tanker

Up, Right, Right, L1, Right, Up, Square, L2 Spawn Rancher

CIRCLE, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, CIRCLE, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1 Spawn Hunter

R2, L1, Circle, Right, L1, R1, Right, Up, circle, R2 Spawn Hotring Racer #2

R1, circle, R2, Right, L1, L2, X (2), Square, R1 Spawn Hotring Racer #1

R2, L1, L1, RIGHT, RIGHT, UP, UP, X, L1, LEFT spawn dozer

Circle, L1, Up, R1, L2, X, R1, L1, Circle, X Spawn Caddy

Down, R1, Circle, L2, L2, X, R1, L1, Left, Left Spawn Bloodring Banger

R2, Up, L2, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right Spawn a Stretch

Circle, Circle, L1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L1, L2, R1, Triangle, Circle, Triangle Spawn A Rhino

Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, R2, Up, Down, Right, L1 spawn a parachute

Right, Up, R1, R1, R1, Down, Triangle, Triangle, X, Circle, L1, L1 Spawn a Monster

L2, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, SQUARE, LEFT, R2, SQUARE, X, R1, L1, L1 Weather Cloudy

R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up Weapons 1

R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left , Down, Down, Down Weapons 2

R1, R2, L1, R2, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left , Down, Down, Down Weapons 3

Circle, R1, Circle, R1, Left, Left, R1, L1, Circle, Right Unlock Trashmaster

Down, R2, Down, R1, L2, Left, R1, L1, Left, Right Unlock Romero

L1, L1, R1, R1, L2, L1, R2, Down, Left ,Up Turns All Vehicles Into Country Vehicles

Up, Left, X, Triangle, R1, Circle, Circle, Circle, L2 Super Punch

Circle, Up, L1, L2, Down, R1, L1, L1, Left, Left, X, Triangle. Stuntplane

Circle, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Square, Triangle, Up Freeze wanted level

Infinite health

During gameplay press Down, X, Right, Left, Right, R1, Right, Down, Up, Triangle.
Submitted By: Ezryan Efkar
All Japenese People

All you have to do is type X, X, DOWN, R2, L2, O, R1, O, Square.
Submitted By: Ezryan Efkar
Maximum Muscle

Press: Triangle, Up, Left, Right, Square, Circle, Left.
Submitted By: Agassi Fathurisma
Hovering car cheat

First you have to put the cheat on for cars float away when hit which is square, R2, Down,Down, left,Down, Left, Left, L2, X. then hit a car with another car which you are driving. then it should slowly rise up. in that time get out of the car then press trinangle very quickley. and then if you get in the car put the flying car cheat on which is up, Down, L1, R1, L1, Right, Left, L1, Left. u have to be quick because when you get in the car it thinks you are upside down which you are and it will burst up in flames but if you use the health cheat which is R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up you will be alright. and this bit is amazing! you can hold square to slow down and hover and when you have slowed down you can do acrobatic tricks by using the left analog stick. this may not work the first time but if you keep trying then it will.
Submitted By: Sani muhammad

To get a katana: X, X, Down, R2, L2, O, R1, O, Square
Submitted By: Ahmad Zaki Azzam
Ninja Theme

X, X, Down, R2, L2, O, R1, O, Square
Submitted By: harun Alray
Unlock muscle car outside denises house

Ever seen that black muscle car outside your girlfriends house. Its locked right? not if u push it into your garage at grove street. we the car comes back out from the garage it magicaly gets repaired.
Submitted By: Ezryan Efkar
Unlockable Dating Rewards

Unlockable: Dating Rewards list

Medic Outfit: 100% with Katie Zhan

Pimp Outfit: 100% with Denise Robinson

Racing Outfit: 100% with Michelle

Police Outfit: 100% with Barbara

Keep weapon after getting busted: Date Barbara

Keep weapon after getting wasted: Date Katie
Mission Rewards

Unlockable Mission Rewards

Grove Street Families gang members carry Desert Eagles and SMGs: Cover all 100 tags in Los Santos

Flamethrower, Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Homing Rocket Launcher delivered to Mike Toreno's cabin: Beat all of Mike Toreno's missions.

Get Hunter Quarry Asset and Quarry Mission Time-Trials: Complete all 7 Quarry Missions

Sniper Rifle, Micro SMG, Shotgun, and Grenades delivered to San Fierro garage.: All 50 Snapshots Taken

Tec 9, AK47, Sawed-off Shotgun and Molotov delivered to CJ's house in Los Santos: Cover all 100 tags

Maximum Armor Boosted to 150: Complete level 12 of the vigilante missions

Get RS Haul as an asset property: Complete level 8 of the trucking missions

Nitro boosts on all Taxis and Cabbies: Complete 50 fares

Entertaining prositutes earns you money (instead of taking it away): Complete level 10 of the pimping missions

Increase Maximum Health to 150: Complete all 12 levels in the Ambulance mission

Fireproof CJ: Complete all 12 levels of the Firetruck missions

Unlockable Vehicles

SWAT tank: Steal it during the End Of The Line mission

Mothership: Steal it during the Are You Going To San Fierro mission

Indestructible Walton: Steal it during the Madd Dogg mission

BP Tahoma: Steal it after the House Party mission

BP Savanna: Steal it from Cesar after the High Stakes Low Rider mission

Hovercraft: Beat the story missions

Hydra: Beat the mission, "Vertical Bird" and it will spawn at your airstrip

Jet Pack: Complete the airstrip asset near Las Venturas

Bloodring Banger: Get your total time up to 1 minute in the Bloodring

Dune: Beat the score of 25 at the Dirt Ring

HotKnife: Get all gold awards in driving school

Super GT: Get all bronze awards in driving school

Stunt Plane: Get all silver awards in pilot school

Rustler: Get all bronze awards in pilot school

Squallo: Get all silver awards in boat school

Marquis: Get all bronze awards in boat school

JetMax: Get all gold awards in boat school

Freeway: Get all bronze awards in bike school

Bullet: Get all silver awards in driving school

Hunter: Get all gold awards in pilot school to spawn one at Verdant Meadows Airstrip

Monster Car: Win it by beating 8-track

NRG-500: Get all gold awards at Bike School

FCR-900: Get all silver awards in bike school

Hotring Racer: Get first place in 8 - Track

BF Injection: Place 1st in the Dirt Ring race at the stadium in Las Venturas.

Windsor: Collect 10 vehicles for the Import/Export dock

Bandito: Collect 15 vehicles for the Import/Export dock

Vortex: Collect 25 vehicles for the Import/Export dock

Bullet: Collect 30 vehicles for the Import/Export dock

Monster: Collect 5 vehicles for the Import/Export dock

Turismo: Collect 20 vehicles for the Import/Export dock

Hydra and Rhino at CJ's house: Complete the game 100 percent to have the Hydra Jet and Rhino Tank spawn outside CJ's house on Grove Street.

Leviathan: Complete the mission "Up, Up, and Away" and the Leviathan will spawn at your airstrip.

Unlockable Collectibles

Increase Lung capacity and Sex Appeal: Find all 50 Oysters

SMG, Combat shotgun, M4, and Satchel Charges delivered to Four Dragons Casino: Find all 50 horseshoes

Increase Luck: Find all 50 Horseshoes in Las Venturas

Unlockable Outfits:

Overalls Outfit: Get your relationship to 100 percent with Helena

Gimp Suit: Complete the mission "The Key to her Heart"

Racing Outfit: Get your relationship to 100 percent with Michelle

Pimp Outfit: Get your relationship to 100 percent with Denise Robinson

Valet Outfit: Complete the mission "555 We Tip"

Croupier Outfit: Complete the mission "Breaking the bank at Caliqula's"

Medic Outfit: Get your relationship to 100 percent with Katie Zhan

Police Outfit: Get your relationship to 100 percent with Barbara
Unlockable Assets

Complete the requirments to get money made at that location.

Burger Shot Asset: Complete the 4 levels of deliveries in Redsands East, Las Venturas.

Roboi's Food Mart Asset: Complete the 4 levels of deliveries in Los Santos.

Airstrip Asset: Complete all of Toreno's Missions at the Abandoned Airstrip

The Johnson House: Take over your first territories at the end of Los Santos

Wang Cars Asset (San Fierro): Complete the missions to get the cars (Located at your main Garage)

Valet Parking Asset (San Fierro): Complete Level 5 of the Valet Parking

Zeros RC Shop Asset: Complete all Zero's missions

Hippy Shopper as an asset: Beat the 4 level couriers mission in San Fierro
Dual wield weapons

Unlockable Dual wield weapons:

Dual Pistols: Reach hitman level with pistols

Dual Sawed-Off shotguns: Reach hitman level with Sawed-Off shotguns

Dual Machine Pistols: Reach hitman level with Machine pistols

Dual Tec 9s: Reach hitman level with Tec 9s
$1,000,000 Bonus

Get first place in all races at the 4 racing locations across San Andreas (marked with a checkered flag on the map/radar).
Create your own clothing!!!!

Have you always wanted to make your own clothing just press pause R1, R2, R2, R3, X, X, L1, O, O, X, then triangle then go to a clothing shop and punsh the person behind the counter her lights out then press the code one more time and you can make punk, hip hop or metal etc.
Planes Early

When you first go to Los Santos International airport at the main gate you will be told that you need a pilots licence to get into the airport, this is not so!! Get yourself a car and drive up to any of the perimeter fences, park the car beside the fence, stand on top and you should be able to jump and hop over the fence. There is a dodo that you are able to fly, and you can find other aircraft that you can fly. Have fun!

Do the money cheat R1, R2, L1, X, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up so u have enough money for this one! When u get 2 the mission 'are u goin 2 san fierro' do something like kill The Truth or die, when it says mission failed go straight to Angel Pine. search around for a clothes store. go in and there will b really good clothes worth nearly $40,000. ull look cool. thats y u need the money cheat
Player two mode in a different town!

The place where you first meet Catalina. Go there and look for a garage in that little town. The two player marker will be spinning around infront of it. Simply, walk into it and Player 2 just presses any button and your off. enjoy!
Restore normal car condition!

If you have been smashing your car to bits and want it back to its usual state then enter this code:

While in your car enter R1 R2 L1 X left down right up left down right up. In the corner it will say that th cheats is done.
Unlimited Ammo

Find or buy an uzi, KILL 10 COPS, then steal 1 cop car and put it in our garage. Get out of the garage and let it close(make sure no other car is in the garage) go back in and drive it to the gangsta hood and leave it there. go backto the garge and you will have unlimited ammo.
Free Health (not armor)

If you want to get free health, cruise the streets of any city near nighttime slowly and near the sidewalks. Drive slowly, and eventually a hooker will aproach your car. Let her in, and drive to a really REALLY secluded area of land. When you get there, stop the car and wait but DONT GET OUT OF THE CAR. Eventually the camera will drift downwards and the car will begin shaking, CJ and the hooker will make noise, and your health will go up! When the car stops shaking and your health is maxed out, the hooker will get out of the car. Kill her with the knife or the silenced pistol (or really any weapon) and get your money back without getting a wanted level!
Submitted By: Mystery16

2 Player Frenzy Mode!

Can you remember on Vice City where you could do frenzies (kill 30 gangs in 1 minute)..... Well you can do this on San Andreas but 2 player!! You need to be on the Wuzi Mu missions in San Fierro. Next to where he lives... there is a road. Go to that road and if you face north... half way up the road you will see a garage with a car parked next to it. Infront of the garage will be a 2player frenzy icon spinning. Walk into it and Player 2 needs to press any button on his/her control. When the Frenzy starts, you will both be in a car. One person will be driving and the other will be shooting. You will have to shoot a certain amount of cars in a certain amount of time. If you pass the time will reduce and the cars will increase. How skillful are you as a team?
Steal this biggiest plane!!

Go to the airport in Las Venturas and go to the corner of the runway. There will be a massive hanger that will go down automatically when you stand infront of it. Chec in each cornerto make sure you have the rite one. There is another hanger in the oposite corner but it is black and doesnt open. The hanger with the giant plane in must be green. When you reach it the door will open. Run in side, up the steps onto the platform and get in the 200 passenger plane. Sometimes it might not be there so try later. Get into the plane, reverse it onto the runway and get flying!! It would be good if you could do missions and take people to different places but it is solid to land because it is so big.... BUT ENJOY ANYWAY!!
Easy cash

In Los Santos, after the mission where you meet big bear and B-Dup, and have killed the crack dealers if you explore the city in between missions, you will find alot more crack dealers around (hands folded, beanie hats looking for customers) go up to him, he will ask if you want some crack, reply negatively, then pop a cap in his ass (i.e waste him) he will have a 9mm, and 2000 cash. i got 70,000 just by killing them, after the second strand of sweets missions, the amount of dealers is timesed by 3!!
Quicker Travelling!

If you have missions in Las Venturas and you are in Los Santos or anywhere, it will take ages to get to do those missions. Don't bother getting your own plane or driving all the way. Go to an airport and go to the main entrance. Heres where they are:

Los Santos: In the airport base you will see an inner rectangle. Go to the bottom left of that and search.

San Fierro: Just go to the right hand side of the circle on the map and go on the upper part of doors.

Las Venturas: Im not sure... look around the gates of the entrance to the airport runway.

Once you have found the entrance walk into the yellow marker. A screen will come on showing the ticket you can buy. Scroll through the tickets to the airport you want to get to. Then Click X and you'll be off. In the middle of the flight, If you want to, press triangle and you will have a parachute for fly about on for a bit of fun. Or press X to get to your destination way quicker. Don't press anything and you can watch your flight. It might get boring.
More cars in your garage!

If you have a car that you are driving about in and like it very much. If you go to a garage to put that super car in and there are to many cars in the garage (the garage won't open). All you have to do is this:

1. Park your car close to the entrance garage.
2. Press triangle and walk upto the garage.
3. It will open thinking your are going top get a car out.
4. Get in your favourite car you want to parkin the garage and quickly while the garage is open... drive your car in.

You now can get out and have more than 1 car in your garage... whoppeee!!

In Downtown Los Santos there are two circular buildings on your map. Go to the top one and walk around it. There should be a yellow triangle were you can walk into the building. Go into it. At the top there should be a heli-port. If not you have the wrong building. Anyway, walk around the top of it and there should be a parachute. Equip it, run as fast as you can, then jump. While falling to the ground at a hundred miles per hour use the left analog stick to control CJ's leverage. Then push O to open the chute. You can also equip the parachute and go to the los Santos international airport and steal a plane then go really high and bail out. Then push circle immediatley after bailing out! Have fun and dont die. p.s METAL-HEADS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cool cars

On the second island after u do enough missions u will be able to buy a place called wang cars buy that then if u go to the other side of the road and down the lane which heads towards the airport their is a save point and some garages go to your map and put a red point where they are (so u know where it is) then go back to wang cars and go behind it where there is a race flag on your map and a red point on the ground now do some races like go go karting.etc then take the car when u start to the red point where your garage is and park it in it then walk out and u will get disquallified then u appear at wang cars so then go to your garage and the car will be there u can get a Go Kart,Phoenix,bullet,sanchez,and some others that are really cool if u mod them.
Big moon, Small moon

Just like in Vice city, If you'll get out your sniper, when the moon is out, simply shoot it to make it bigger, and if you want it small, just keep shooting till it shrinks to it's smallest size. This cheat is awesome.
Get to Hitman Level Quickly

The best time to level up the weapons is Los Santos, you dont get really high wanted level,and the police isnt anything you cant handle. Ok to start equip the weapon that you want to level up (get to hitman level) and go to the street acroos the gym (in los santos) and get onto the roof of that gym. Now with whatever weapon you have, MANUALLY aim and fire at the cars, this will make them drive off, but you will get a few shots in, and it will count. If someone gets out of the car just keep shooting the car until it blows up. When the police come just shoot them, and kil them and shoot their car. When you are slightly low on health, or have around 3 stars, or your running out of Ammo, you can quickly jump of, and head straight for your hideout (hi-jack a car if you want). I found this a good place, however you can also do this from the room of your hideout (in ganton), to get up their, climb the wall next to the house and use that to climb onto the roof, however not as many cars will be coming, but this time you can just jump down and the save point will be there.
Different Fighting styles

There are three different types of fighting styles that are in the game, to use one, you must first get your muscle strength up to "buff" by working out in the gym. Next go fight the master of the gym that you are in by stepping into the red marker next to him. Once you defeat the master of the gym, he will show you different attacks that you now have, you use these with the triangle button. If you beat the master of the Los Santos gym, you now learn some boxing moves, the San Fierro gym, Martial Arts, and the Las Venturas Gym, Kick Boxing. The moves you currently have depend on the last master that you defeated (So going back to defeating the Los Santos gym leader will make you use boxing moves next time)
Renault clio fully kitted

Firstly get six stars then lose them untill you get four wait for the helicopter to sart shoting at you then do the armour cheat and run to a clothes shop kill every one inside with the cops still on you. Grab a airplain and head over to the badlands were the scrap air feild is then save the game and get on the on the bike near the door nd drive it to the transfender it will say you cannot mod this vechicle so get out of that and go to werethe floor changes you will falll through the ground. do the lower wanted level cheat and when you do it again and land on the floor there should be a renualt clio on the floor infront of you get in it and a drive its wicked fast and its also will not blow up.but be warned you cant do it again so take it to the garage and put it and save or your buggered. have fun!

Idle Screensaver

Do not move CJ for 2-3 minutes. The display will be removed and the camera will start to follow and zoom into any activity going on (ie. Pursuits, fights, people talking).
Change the size of the moon

Shoot the moon with the sniper rifle and it will grow until it reaches a certain size when he will shrink when you shoot it again.
Walk under water!

Alright this is what you do. You go to the airport in Las Ventras [Not the abanded one]. Then you go to the helicopter that can float on water[the levithan]. By the way this is done on two player. Then find a body of water that is big. then both of you bail out of the helicopter on top of the water and the helcopter will fall in the water. then one of you get back in the helicopter. Then the one in the water has to jack the helicopter. Then the one that was in the helicopter will land in the water and sink down. the person in the water will walk on the bottom of the water with out losing breath. To get out of the water put the jetpack cheat in and fly out to get out.
Submitted By: sisy57
Getting to places without permission

Going to a place when its not unlocked yet you get 4 stars all you need to do is lock wanted level...I hope it works.
Submitted By: Cheating ownz
Increase Lung Capacity

Start swimming underwater (but don't get too deep) until your breath meter gets low. Then, go up 'till your breath meter is full. Repeat this process for three or four times and lung capacity will increase. This way I reached the max. lung capacity level.
Submitted By: prounited
How to get two player

Press the START button and put the marker on Preshing Square. Then goto it and go in front of the bench furthest to the left.(east). Then walk into the little icon that has two little skulls on it and it will say to press any button on the analog dualshock controller to activate part two a.k.a 2 player. Enjoy!
Submitted By: marissarenee
There is another spot for parachutes

There is another spot for parachutes to find in a building your own home town
in los angelas je must go in to the building to get the parachute and you will find there a heli to.. Good luck.
Submitted By: prounited

Go to blueberry acres in red county (los santos) and steal a combine harvester. If you dive to the village drive over somebody in the combine harvester blood and bits of there body will come out the pipe at the back of it. lol
Submitted By: elliato
Unstallable Plane!

To do this trick first put the "cars float away when hit" cheat on. Then find a car and drive it to the nearest airport. Find a plane and gently tap it with the car, if you hit it gently enough it wont float away. This is your chance to get in it, it should still handle like a normal plane but you will be able to do all sorts of crazy stunts and tricks without the plane stalling and plummeting back down to earth. You can even go vertical in a dodo, and you will even be able to get to the top without stalling. Hope this helps, have fun! :)
Submitted By: Downtown
Parachute On The First Island

On the 1st island go to the middle of the city. There is the tallest building on the 1st island and there should be an entrance go through it and you will be on the roof with a landing pad also the roof should be star shaped. Walk around until you see it (its yellow and orange)after you pick it up select it on your weapons list then you can jump of the roof and parachute down to the floor.

You can do it as many times as you want you just have wait for it to apear. :)
Submitted By: vulcan
cars in funny places

In the country somewhere there are ghost cars with no driver.

In san fierro at the police car park there are some strange cars that pop up every so often. I supped up a blista compact then i blew it up and when i went to the police imound it was there.
Submitted By: kyle123
Hint on the Health Cheat when in a Car

When you are in a mission that involves you driving a group of your 'Homies' and it has a car health bar. DON'T put the cheat to get full health, because if you do then instead of repairing the car it will subtract health from it instead. I have died many times in those missions and I had to work that out for myself.

Hope that this helps.
Submitted By: Cody Thomson
Bridge climbing

Get a PCJ100 and go to the bridge that links island 2 and 3 on the las vetuerus side go to the side of the bridge and climb the wire it may take a few atempts.
Submitted By: kyle123
Do the grove street walk!

You know about the crip walk right, well hold (TRIANGLE) while standing and CJ will do the grove street walk. Other gangs have their own walk as well. So wach where you do it.
Submitted By: k_rel
One hit die in car

Find the BF injection. Go the right of BF then Triangle if CJ kick on driver. will be die.
Submitted By: Cloud
Treveling without getting caught

At the starting of the game you wont be able to travel to las venturas or san fierro...ill tell how to get there without getting 4 stars...first do the'never get caught cheat(CIRCLE, RIGHT, CIRCLE, RIGHT, LEFT, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, UP) then spawn a hydre jat or stunt plane than you be able to fly anywhere in san andreas without getting 4 stars.
Submitted By: Burning spirit
Planes early in the game

Go by the gate of the airport and kill the man in the small room next to you.
Submitted By: sened
Big Explosion

Go up a hight a little bit, like in Wang Cars second floor, stand still the whole time and spawn about 30 hunters in the same place then put a satchel charge under or on them, the hunters will have dropped into to each other, run away quite a bit detonate the satchel charge and enjoy the show. this works works with hydras too. The atchel charge will blow all the hunters apart then they will blow up and there will be hunters going everywhere, there is no limit to the amount of hunters you use, the more there are the bigger the explosion will be. The hunter cheat is CIRCLE, X, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, CIRCLE, R1, R2, L2, L1, L1. ENJOY.
Submitted By: the chris
E.Ts Quad

No this has nothing to do with ET. you need satchel charges by one of the weapon cheats, and the quad cheat wich is: LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, CIRCLE, R1, R2. Get onto any building(the taller the better), put loads of satchel charges about a metre away from an edge of the building, put the satchel charges as close together as possible, then put in the quad bike cheat and park the quad on the edge of the building with the wheels on the satchel charges, then fly back down to the ground or onto a much lower building andlook up at where the quad is and detonate the satchel charges, its best to do this in daylight, Enjoy the Show, you can do this with a few vehicles but lighter the vehicle the further it will fly.
Submitted By: the chris
Girlfriends Locations

Millie: You will automatically get her as your girl friend in the mission " key to her heart".

Barbara: Barbara is located in the city El Quebrados,In The desert you will see her at the sheriffs building talking to someone.

Michelle: You can get Michelle at the driving school.

Helena: Go to the small town called "blueberry" and find ammunation. If she is there at that time/moment, you will hear her firing a gun at a target range beside ammunation up some steps.

Denise: You will get Denise in the mission called "Burning Desire"

Katie: At the edge of the Avispa Country Club in San Fierro if you want to find her , go to the northeast corner of the Avispa Country Club.
Submitted By: SubZero

In the mission Madd Dogs Ryhme Book Sneak in without alerting anyone and whn you get past the bar there is a man playing DRIV3R. Listen to him Rant about the game! Its hillarious
Arcade Games

Walk up to any arcade machine or console system in the game and press triangle, you will be able to play retroesque arcade games.
Use the Vortex as a Submarine

Use the Vortex between El Quebrados and the abandoned airfield to take the small unique jump ramp that's on the back of the small shack it's parked next to. When you land in the water, the unique jump slow-motion cinema should keep going, with the camera fixed in one spot. Drive way out into the reservoir, and towards the dam, to the left of the camera's view. You'll disappear from view, but keep going. Eventually you'll run into the side of the dam and the cinema will end, leaving you under water and able to steer the Vortex like a submarine, without draining lung capacity or anything, as if you weren't underwater at all.
No Timer on Quarry Mission

On the mission where you have to steal dynamite for a Wuzie mission you normally have a timer but if you go to the center of the construction site there is a grey stage with a person on it and the dynamite plunger right in front of him. If you kill him the timer will stop and you will have all of the time you need to complete this mission.
Infinite Spray Paint

In the earlier Sweet Mission "Tagging up Turf" you receive an infinite spray paint can. Since there is no timer on this mission, you can go around Los Santos with the FAQ tag map and spray all the tags without refilling the paint. Sweet!
Boeing 757 At Las Venturas Airport

You have flew the tiny jets, dodos and spitfires right? Well there is a bigger plane in the game! First of all, fly or drive to Las Venturas airport and go inside. Check out all the hangars but go north for a bit until you find a huge hangar with a green door, it will open and there will be a boeing 757! If not walk back and let it close, then walk back and it should be there.

Note that if you get out of the plane you cannot get back in. It is also very hard to steer and take of so take care while flying.
Submitted By: HunterMav66

Go to las venturas and there will be one big pyramid, go with a jetpack to the top of the pyramid and there you will find a horseshoe.
Submitted By: Draegon
No Head

First cheat the ninja theme and go on player two. Then player two kill player one with the katana. If the player one die, no head..
Submitted By: Cloud
Anti sanandreas!

When your in los ventres there will be a mission called st. marks bistro where you have to fly to liberty city! Well before you go put in the jump 10 times higher cheat above in the cheat code section! then make sure you have a parachute! well go to liberty city and you'll go in side and kill all the dudes but when you go back out don't kill no one!! then go forward to the wall then jump then jump again over the other the open parachute then type jetpack with out letting lose of the parachute the after its put in let lose then press square till you hit water the go forward! but be sure you have a taxi in your garage at san fiero then if you see a little city ahead go there! (the taxi will be invisible when the garage opens but just press triangle) the city will mostly be invisible but try to remember where that mode shop is!! then drive taxi real close to left till you see a red circle then drive to it! you can mode it or just leave! now you have the full anti sanandreas! it might look the same but go look at your map a pause menu and you don't see your self!

Well you know how long it takes to one city to another well anti sa don't take long! when your goin to another city just count 3-5 secs then you'll be there! but you can't play games in it cause it still counts you as still in that mission! but no time runs out! oh before you mode the taxi and you want to have fun in the invisible world and always want to fight the cops! well type in the inante health above then shoot a cop then keep on till it gets to 6 or just type the auto 6 stars! but don't freeze it cause if you want it visible you'll have to type in cop cheat cause 50 come at you at once! well when its invisible you can't type in the cheats to drive in but the jet pac! so just have a taxi in your san fiero garage or one that can be moded!! have fun!
Submitted By: joe4408
Civilian Lemmings

Go to the gym in Las Venturas, and through the bomb garage next to it. Stand in that alley and look at the building across the street to your right -- and you'll see people jumping and walking off the roof. It will only happen if you stand in that alley and watch it from there. It's pretty much a Lemmings Easter Egg since Rockstar North made Lemmings (the company was known as DMA then)
Funny License Plates

If you import a car at the docks, most but not all cars have plates that differ from normal ones. One says "our fergie", or "disco stu", and a really special one says "ea sucks". Try it out.
CJ stuck in cement

Go to calugalas casino and walk past the walls until u see a wall with an icon on it
i just be in a turn. Face the wall and SLOWLY walk to the wall, after a few seconds CJ should fall in the cement till his knee's then u can turn but won't move, to get out just jump.

PS: You can also push other people in the cement and when they are stuck u can drive over there heads with a car.. Have fun!!!
Submitted By: gamegod
Taking Gang Territory: Fish In A Barrel

While trying to take over gang territory, take one of the datable girls with you. Between waves of enemy gang members, if you give your girlfriend a gift or kiss them, the enemy gang members will freeze in place. They won't notice you around them, but if you throw a grenade at them or otherwise threaten them, they'll un-freeze. Grab a rocket launcher or molotov and you can take over territory really easy. Also, this would give you a chance to get the health and armor pickups in the area without being shot at.
Keep mask after the burglary missions are done

Start the burglary missions and park infront of a barber shop. Enter said shop and walk into the red circle to take a seat. Press X to view a haircut and wait until the time expires. Once the mission has ended press triangle and the barber will "put" the mask back on you. Now you may leave the barber shop with the mask on your face. Note: You may not change your clothes or die/ get busted the mask will disappear.
Ghost Country

Thie glitch removes all peds (and cops if it's done right) and cars from the game. It's great to use to explore the territory. On the mission 'Small town bank' for Catalina, after you grab the bikes, you'll end up at the unique jump spot. Jump it, but miss and fall into the river below (It works if you don't get the slow animation for the jump too, but if you do get it, the cops shouldn't be on the map as well as the peds). After you land in the water, you'll see a floating trooper dead. I don't know why that's there. Swim to Fisher's lagoon and head back to Palomino Creek, were the bank is. Nothing will be there. No cars driving or spawned, and maybe no cops. The alarm at the bank will still be going off, and the only places you will find anyone will be in a store like The Well Stacked Pizza or Ammu-Nation. Entering then exiting those places will not bring back the peds or cars, and the only way to do that is to go and rescue Catalina from the police ambush and take her back to her hideout. However, you can do anything in between the glitch and rescuing her, as she will not be killed by the cops. Just spawn a jetpack or car with a cheat and explore. You can go cover tags and find the oysters and stuff like that without worry that cops or gangs will attack you. Occasionally a parked car will spawn, but they are kinda rare. When you go to rescue Catalina, shoot the surrounding cops with a rifle from far away, and you can pick them off easy, and no other ones will come. I don't know what happens if you die or kill Catalina, so you can try it if you like and tell me about it and I'll correct this.
Reveal complete San Andreas map

Simply get in a plane or helicopter, at any stage during the game, and fly outside the games boundaries. Once you reach water, fly towards the end of the map and simply keep going for a few minutues, and eventually the whole map of San Andreas is revealed! This is a very helpful glitch to exploit, as it doesn't affect anything negatively and the map will always be revealed; even after the game is saved!
Tractor Tow Slingshot

When using a tractor you can pickup other vehicles by lowering the lift using the R stick, you can use this to super slingshot yourself and a semi truck. First obtain a tractor then lower the lift and back up directly into a semi to tow it. Now start driving and swerve a bit from left to right this for some odd reason will launch your tractor and the semi at ludicrous speeds.
Pay and spray glitch

When you have a wanted level of any number of stars drive your car inside the pay and spray but before the door closes get out of the car. Aim your gun to look ahead and the cops, fbi, even the army will walk right by you even if u attck them while inside the pay and spray they wont see you. To get more cops to enter the area just exit the pay and spray and enter again. When u have grown tired of fighting just enter your car and the pay and spray door will close and then drive away with a clean slate!!!
Infinite Photos

First you have to be in San Fierro and on the mission "Photo Opportunity". Fail the mission but don't reload. You will then have infinite "ammo" for your camera from then on.
Skip Songs on Radio

You can skip songs on the radio. Change to another station, then change back to the station playing the song you hate. As soon as the text at the top of the screen saying the name of the station turns yellow, before the station starts to play, change the station again. Change back to the original station, and it will have skipped whatever song it was playing.
Headless CJ

Find a katana, then go into two player mode (by finding a icon that shows two red figures). Have player two chop your character's head off, and then when you go back into one-player mode CJ will have no head, and a nasty little blood effect.
Cell Phone Guns

When talking on the cellphone, press Triangle to end the conversation then quickly switch to the tec9, in your hands you will have a cellphone that shoots!
(deactivates when you enter a vehicle)
See cj mum ghost

If you go to the johnhouse at 0.00 you will see her walking about the house but it does not happen all the time.
Submitted By: spikelet13
Another place to find CJ's mom ghost

Go to the cemetery in temple,los santos. Wait in the cemetery for a very long time. Sometimes,in the night or day,you will see her walking around saying "i want to see carl" And if she see's you,she will stare at you. If any of the peds see her,they will get frightened and run away. And if you hit her she doesn't die,even if you cut her head! You can also walk through her so, have fun.
Submitted By: ABDULLAH.R
Unstallable Plane

This glitch is very useful if you are flying something that stalls easily, like the dodo or the big jet and if you want to get to the max height. First you have to enter the cars float away when hit cheat, then find a plane and touch it gently with a car. You will see that if done right it wont float away just hover slightly. This is your chance to get in it, take off normally and then test it out. You can go vertical, do loop-the-loops and other crazy stunts and it will NEVER stall. P.S I have done this loads of times and it does work. Have fun.
Submitted By: Downtown
Car stays on fire!!!!!

To keep your car on fire do the vehicle of death cheat (L1, L2, L2, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, R1, R2, R2)
Submitted By: Jacksparrow
Glitch world

First you need to go into the gym that is nearest the Johnson house. From there you can get to the glitch world. Look up as soon as you get through the door, and there will be a big black mark where the roof should be. Interested? Of course. Do the jetpack cheat and go up there, though it may take you a while to get through, and after you have made it there, you will be above the rafters. Above the door, there will be a big black void. Land on it, and unequip the jetpack. Use the parachute cheat if you haven't already got one, and skydive off where the front of the building should be. When you see what seems to be a yellow horizon, open the parachute..
Submitted By: The End
Hovering Bicycles

Go onto a two player, one of you get into a vehicle, and one of you use the jetpack cheat. The one with the jetpack (If you can't get one as player two, use the cheat as player one, then drop it on the floor) must then hold X, flying into the air. Keep hold of this, and switch to the other person's camera, and drive away. You will hover into the air and arc back to where you flown from like a boomerang.
Submitted By: The End
Walk on air

When you go to a bridge in los santos before you unlock the other islands you can walk over the bridge getting the jet pack and moving foward eventually you wil move foward let go of x and you will land on nothing take of the jet poack and you will walk on air..


San Andreas Myths Legends


Bigfoot is one of the most popular myths associated with the game. Rockstar confirmed in an interview that Bigfoot doesn't exist in the game but it was then said by Houser that he removed Bigfoot and put him back in. Players have a 1% chance of seeing him. (?)

Loch Ness Monster

The legend of the Loch Ness monster was one of the first myths to emerge. It was believed that it appears in the Fisher's Lagoon, one of the few lakes accessible by the player at the very beginning of the game. Like many other myths, this had a strong support back in 2005, but lacks any evidence or in-game references, which would seem to classify this myth as fake. It was  
Fisher's Lagoon (where the Nessie myth was created)
later confirmed by a Rockstar spokesman that the 'Nessie' myth is fake.
Fisher's Lagoon (where the Nessie myth was created)


UFOs are another popular myth of GTA San Andreas. As of this time, a Rockstar spokesman was interviewed and when they asked him about UFOs he changed the subject. Later in another interview, a Rockstar spokesman said: "We did not initially put UFOs in-game. However, there may be some data still in the game we thought to have deleted." This has aroused suspicion among certain areas of the fanbase.


People have claimed to see Sharks in the waters of San Andreas. They are said to be just mods, but others claim they're just rare. It is unknown if these sharks actually exist in the game, otherwise. People have stated that Sharks actually attack Carl Johnson and kill him, others say they just swim away frightend. People have actually mistaken Dolphins for Sharks because they look similar in game. Like Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the sharks in GTA San Andreas are invincible and will not die from gunfire. People have said that sharks are only found underneth the Gant Bridge. The IMG tool for gta3.img on San Andreas actually proves that sharks are in San Andreas because it states the shark.dff file is in the game. 

Rusty Wheelchair

The infamous wheelchair

There's an abandoned wheelchair at the end of the wharf in Fisher's Lagoon. It uses the same texture as a waste skip elsewhere in San Andreas. The wheel chair was believed by many to be a reference to the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, as one of the youths in this movie is in a wheel chair, but is in fact more likely a reference to the Rockstar game Manhunt, where it can be seen at the beginning. The following pedestrian dialog can be heard in Palomino Creek:

- Have you seen this disabled person chair moving?

- No, have you?

- Neither have I, bye-bye!

- Bye-Bye!

Some people see timings on the front wheels of the chair and assume that something will happen at those times. The "mystery of the chair" was never solved in the standard GTA game, and it is believed the chair doesn't carry any hidden meaning. Although, when two members of GTAForums launched their own competition called GTA Treasurehunt, in which the last mission involved solving the wheelchair mystery. After the lake was filled up with rocks and stones a dead body was found floating in the middle. This is, however, strictly non-canon.

Although many people try to connect the skip with the wheelchair, It is obvious that Rockstar Games did not bother to create a new texture dedicated to this simple useless model, the skip texture appeared rusty, so that used that instead of creating a new one.

Ghost Cars

The Ghost Cars myth is essentially based upon the misinterpretation of a minor glitch. The myth centered on the abandoned cars, which spawn in the rural areas of San Andreas. If they spawn on a slope, they roll down it as if they're being driven. Some curious players investigated the cars and found that there was nobody in it, thus leading them to believe that the car was driving itself. However, there is nothing particularly strange about the vehicles themselves, as they were simply put there in case the player got stranded in the countryside without a vehicle. There is a mod involving the Glendales in the Back o Beyond. Once activated, players that go near a parked Glendale, the car's lights will turn on, and start attacking players (this mod also applies to the beat-up
A Ghost car in Back O Beyond.

"Ghost Vortex" sliding down the hill with the "ghostly mist" visible.
Sadler near the ghost car area).
A Ghost car in Back O Beyond.

"Ghost Vortex" sliding down the hill with the "ghostly mist" visible.

Some people have also claimed to have seen a ghostly Vortex shrouded by a "ghostly mist" in the San Fierro bay area. The reason that it moves is because, like the Glendale, it spawns on a slope, and the "mist" is the result of the sand being kicked up as it slides down the beach.

There is also a random car parked in a driveway in Playa del Seville‎ that sometimes rolls down into the road (this depends on the car).

Also, from time to time, a certain glitch may occur. If the driver shoots and kills the driver of a car, sometimes, the person's body may not fall out. When this happens, the car still drives itself as if the driver was never killed. The only way to stop the car is to carjack the owner and take the car as shooting the already dead body will not work.

Beverly Johnson's Ghost

This myth started when so-called "ghost graffiti" was discovered at Los Santos cemetery (ie, graffiti which only appears at night, a documented fact).

Ghost Graffiti (from left to right) it appears at evening (20:00) and disappear at morning (06:00)


Many people were claiming that Beverly Johnson's ghost appears in the kitchen/living room of CJ's house in Ganton every midnight. Sometimes the time varied - it had to be Halloween on the computer's clock, or it has to be Friday in the game. Some were saying that the ghost appears in the cemetery under the same, or similar, conditions. However, nobody has claimed that they have seen the ghost, neither are there any pictures or videos. Furthermore, Rockstar have officially denied its existence. 

Girl from the TV/Samara

One frame from so-called Girl from TV video showing CJ and the dark figure

This myth is also the one that did not get much support - in fact, it all has started with a video uploaded onto YouTube in 2006, featuring CJ in his living room looking around when the black girl appears from the television in the corner and disappears a second later. There is no other proof of this girl. It is believed that it is either a glitch which caused a pedestrian to spawn in the house by mistake and was removed by the game immediately, or it was a mod for the PC version of GTA San Andreas. The dark figure looks very similar to a homeless pedestrian from San Fierro which has a sign that reads "God is playing with us!" on his chest - there was even a video on YouTube comparing both the TV girl and the tramp pictures.

Horses in Las Barrancas

Screenshot showing the legend of Las Barrancas, from the San Andreas website

The reference to horses can be found on the Rockstar website, on the Tierra Robada section of the map. When the cursor is positioned over the Las Barrancas icon, the following text can be seen at the bottom of the map:
A quaint desert town steeped in local history, home to preserved Hopi ruins and the terrible setting of the Barrancas Mass Grave. In 1842, the 66th Cavalry, under the command of Colonel Henry Bolt, was stationed in nearby Fort Carson when they answered a call for help from homesteaders under attack from bandits. Riding to the rescue, the whole force fell down a hole. It is said that the sound of a hundred horses can be heard riding through the town at midnight...

Though there is little support/speculation, some people spent some time trying to hear the sound of horses at midnight, but failed to do so. It is unclear which hole was mentioned in the legend and whether it still exists. So far no evidence has been found about the presence of any type of anomaly in Las Barrancas.

Many people have taken the "hole" referenced here to be the mass grave near Las Brujas. This would seem incongruous however, as they are on opposite sides of the river, and the hole inquestion is both up against a wall and too small for an entire cavalry division to fall into.


Version 1 : Panopticon Killer/Leatherface/Chainsaw Killer/Piggsy

Version 2  : Piggsy's cameo as an action figure in San Andreas

Version 3: Hot Dog man.

Another strong myth of GTA San Andreas is a Chainsaw killer. He has many names such as Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even Hitler, but to avoid confusion this article will refer to him as The Killer. The whole idea of The Killer started when somebody said that they heard a chainsaw in The Panopticon area. Many have assumed this to be true due to the nature of the area - it looks scary when it is foggy, is full of small sheds and cut down trees and contains a chainsaw pickup. The strange sound can be heard during rainy weather on the first version of the game as a glitch. Over time, the myth has evolved, people started to find out more clues and weird objects. It is said that The Killer lives in the countryside, near the Shady Cabin in the Panopticon, he uses a chainsaw or a firearm to kill his victims, and he appears from behind the player (usually from the house) and kills him almost instantly. Although many people have claimed they have seen the killer, there is still no strong evidence to his existence. There are also many descriptions of the killer, they all differ which makes it difficult to believe that killer's existence is plausible. His existence has also been reported at Mount Chiliad, Fisher's Lagoon, shady cabin, and other farms. But there was a video on YouTube posted on August 06, 2008 by the user Cfox306 which some players who have watched it think it’s true. After a little searching Piggsy appears with a chainsaw and kills CJ. There have been sightings of Leatherface in Fisher's Lagoon near the wheelchair or the little house on the shore.

Recently it has been proved that a Pedestrian spawns with a chainsaw in the Mission "The Meat Business" and it is believed to have been used by Rockstar Games outside of that mission.

Phonebooth in the Desert/Unknown Caller/MYSTERIOUS Telephone

Many people have reported coming across a phone booth in the desert. The phone booth rings until the player approaches and answers the phone. When answered, there is no one on another end. Although it was one of the first myths to emerge, it is still unclear whether the myth is real. It is in some ways - there are many phonebooths in the desert area, especially in towns (not in the desert itself), but none of them are ringing. This myth may have its root in a real life phone booth that was located on an isolated road in the Mojave Desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. There is, however a Phone booth mod available which places phone boxes in random places around the desert.

A video uploaded onto YouTube in April 13, 2009 by Cfox306 named "Strange Calls", showing to the public how he received a call while he was investigating the "Ghost Cars" myth. He approached a Phone Booth, and right at 3:00am received a call. He answered at 3:33am and when he answered, strange growling could be heard. But which later, was approved to be one of the CLEO script mods on gtagarage.com, created by Kristjannuus.

Cfox306 uploaded a video of what he thought was client watching and the client would admit that he will be watching Cj during one of the missions.

Serial Killer
Serial killer near his suggested house

This myth is very similar to the Panopticon Killer. The only difference is that this man lives in the desert and uses a rifle to kill his victims. The majority of people tend to think that he lives in a small house in Tierra Robada, not far from a Cluckin' Bell. Some people have posted videos of him in Fort Carson with a combat shotgun or unarmed. He is believed to be the same man as "Mr. Trenchcoat" (see the UFOs article for more information). He can often be seen on the small road next to the river, just meters away from his house. People have claimed that this person starts randomly shooting and kills other pedestrians - at this moment, no evidence has been found. It is believed that this myth started when someone had a riot cheat enabled without realizing it. The Myth of the serial killer is sometimes linked with the myth of the Las Venturas desert Mass Grave.

Screaming Voices

This, just like Bigfoot and Leatherface, is another myth that some people have claimed to have encountered while playing the game. The most common hearing of these horror voices is on Mount Chiliad, in a shack halfway up the mountain, used in a mission in the game. It was midnight and stormy when these hearings happened. Some believe that it is just a mod or a hoax. Other people claimed to hear the screaming voices in Panopticon area and in Back o' Beyond. However, it was later discovered that in one case the "screaming voice" was the sound of an abandoned Quadbike's tires screeching against the rock, as it was stuck in the ground. It's also possible to hear a loud groan near Gant Bridge, mostly at nights. This has been attributed to Bigfoot, but has been identified as the fog horn of one of the ships around the bay.

Epsilon Cult
Please refer to the main Epsilon Program article for more information. 

Door in the Sky

The Yellow door secret is explained in the Epsilon Program article.

The doors in the sky are actually yellow markers that allow you to walk through and end up inside of a building.

The only two yellow markers that are found in the sky are above Cluckin' Bell in the desert. They are far up in the sky and only reachable with cheats or hacks.

Reports say the two doors are only houses that were meant for Robbery Missions. Rockstar hides these interiors for a reason for nobody to find or reach. In San Andreas, Rockstar hides these marks above San Andreas.

Suicidal Pedestrian
Suicide Pedestrian about to drown herself.

In Flint County, near the Flint Intersection Bridge, a pedestrian is found taking photos and then walks into the water and drowns. Although the pedestrian's activity seems rather strange, it is likely that they are supposed to simply take photos and walk away - the reason they walk into the water may be due to a programming/coding error.

Ghost Person

People have posted videos on YouTube claiming that they've seen a ghostly person in an abandoned town's cemetery. Not much evidence is known about the figure, but they apparently appear at midnight when it is foggy. However, the lack of evidence most likely means that it's a glitch of some sort, a mod, or made up.

Claude's Dead Body

GTA Myth hunter jasper561996 posted a video on YouTube which he found Claude's dead body right infront of Ryder's House. He accidentally found Claude on the ground while filming for his video called "GTA: San Andreas Myths - The Destroyed Bridge" but it was cancelled. Claude's dead body is still in his original appearance, you can't see any blood around his body. Still some YouTubers don't believe that it is true because there are many comments that it is a mod. But according to jasper561996, he still not confirmed that it is true. The full story can be found on this video in YouTube[1]


The Mothman is reported to be a winged creature with no head and a distinctive red glowing eyes in its chest. Some players claim to see this creature in the skies of the desert. Players claim that the Mothman's appearance cause tragic accidents in the game like plane crashes, car accident, etc. Though there are still no real picture or videos to prove this creature's existence in the game. But some people are already investigating and searching for him[2]


six death body in the dessert

Cj Mom Ghost

in johnson's house

a white things fly and says "CJ"

and screaming voices

it stills unknown it fake or true ???